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MessageSujet: WHY HIM ?   Mer 28 Mar à 16:11


Now, I'll try to understand why he's incomparable, in which he's superior to the other actors of his generation, in the physical point of view, but also at the level of the personality and of the talent. The first name that comes in my mind is Brad Pitt, incontestable icon. He combines the perfection of an antique statuary (Greek or Roman, as you prefer) to an obvious charisma, but I find him a little too much smooth, devoid of mystery. Colin Farrell incarnates the incandescent male in his full splendour, but the excess is harmfull and I feel him too male chauvinist, too entire. Orlando Bloom, new idol made in Hollywood, has the Mister Everybody's physique, quite nice, without asperities. I would cross him in the street without turning round on him. Johnny Depp has the talent at pure state, but he's sometimes physically childlike or too artificial. Josh Artnet isn't still emerged from adolescence. Ewan McGregor is the most "cracking" of all these men, especially when he smiles, but a little too tidy. Something is lacking so that the fascination could be total : a shiver, a secret, a magic. Jim Carrey doesn't take part in the competition, he plays in another register. Tom Cruise remains himself in all his movies, without being renewed and more, he's short of charisma. Ben Affleck reminds me irresistibly of a menhir. How is it possible to stand so straight ? A real monolith, included in the expression. Hugh Jackman looks like a bird of prey, ready to swoop down upon his victim. Tobey Maguire gives me the impression of being a person taking his first communion. Nicolas Cage, a bit too tortured. Leonardo DiCaprio, baby face. Matt Damon, simian features. Jude Law, only one reproach : he's blond. It's a pity, because he doesn't lack of aura, nor of halftones. Georges Clooney, the class, but a too much-steadied side. Will Smith, Mister Elegance, but devoid of fascination. Russell Crowe, raw material, not enough subtle. Keanu Reeves, too effeminate. Other suggestions ? Other potential competitors ? I forget certainly a lot !
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